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The Cibes Promise: 1st Class Service

“Knowledge is our advantage, service our strength”

This is our promise: Cibes will always be there for support. Whether it’s to advise you as to which lift will best fit your needs, site visits to confirm all measurements, a swift and quality installation that sticks to all deadlines, or for after-service and repairs, we have got you covered.

We also recommend you sign a service contract for your lift, to guarantee high quality maintenance and functionality, as well as peace of mind.

As part of our service contracts, we offer regular service visits by qualified and professional engineers who will test all essential elevator functions, perform a complete lubrication of all relevant parts and run-through a safety check.

As part of our service contracts, we also offer discounted rates for all other repairs. Contact us for more information!

Emergency Support and Hotline

Should your lift unexpectedly fail, we advise immediately contacting your local Cibes office or partner. Our trained and experienced technicians will first try to determine cause of failure over the phone, and if the issue cannot be resolved, immediately schedule a visit to fix the issue on-site.

Emergency Battery Lowering – A Cibes Safety Feature

In case of complete power failure, you won’t get stuck in a Cibes lift! Our battery-powered emergency lowering device will ensure that the lift glides down to the lower stop, opening the door automatically, and ensuring that you can exit the lift with complete safety and without the need for help from the outside.

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Gurugram: +91 81303 03137

Mumbai: +91 97690 05022


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