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Cibes A4000 Home Lift

Our most space-saving lift! The A4000 is ideal for installing in tight spaces where other lifts can’t. The total footprint of our A4000 is 1 square meter, and despite its small size, it can carry loads of up to 300 kgs / 3 people. The perfect solution for when you need a lift, but have no space for one!

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Why Choose the A4000?

  • »1 sqm footprint – perfect for when you have very little room
  • »Available in 360 panoramic glass
  • »Low maintenance and service cost
  • »Easy to install
  • »No pit, no machine room
  • »100% designed in Sweden
Cibes A4000 Platform Lift

Find the right lift for you!

Our Cibes lifts are customizable and versatile – choose the one that best fits your home!

Case Study: Cibes A4000 in a Private Villa

The A4000 is our smallest platform lift, designed for tight spaces. In order to save space within his home, the client opted to move his lift to the middle of the staircase – where it fits perfectly despite the limited room.

Our A4000 series can be installed where other, traditional lifts never will. Beautiful, elegant and practical, the A4000 is the exemplification of Swedish engineering.

Case Studies – Cibes Home Lift A4000

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