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Cibes A5000 Home Lift

The A5000 comes with its own shaft, and has no machine room and no pit. Combined with such advantages as fast installation (3-7 days depending on height), low operating costs and an affordable price, the A5000 is a perfect choice for home lifts.

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Why Choose the A5000?

  • »Comes in 9 platform sizes
  • »Indoor or outdoor installation
  • »Available in 360 panoramic glass
  • »Low maintenance and service cost
  • »Easy to install
  • »No concrete shaft, No pit, no machine room
  • »100% designed in Sweden
Cibes A5000 Platform Lift

Find the right lift for you!

Our Cibes lifts are customizable and versatile – choose the one that best fits your home!

  • Case Study: Private Villa All-Glass Cibes A5000

    This A5000 was installed in the middle of the staircase, and quite obviously went for the panoramic glass option for maximal design effect. Not only does it save space, it creates space by being perfectly see-through!

    Cibes A5000 in private villa
  • Case Study: Office in the Netherlands

    A beautiful platform lift with fully glazed 360 degree glass. The client chose a glossy charcoal color to attract the eye, fitting it majestically in a semi-circular staircase while simultaneously optimizing price.

    Cibes A5000 in an office showroom in the Netherlands
  • Case Study: Private Villa in China’s Guangzhou

    Safety was this customer’s first concern, and the reason why he chose a Cibes lift. As an industry leader since our foundation in 1947, out refined screw-drive technology and Swedish engineering provides you not only with a great-looking lift – but with complete peace of mind as well.

    Cibes A5000 in a private villa in Guangzhou
  • Case Study: Private Villa in China’s Dongguan

    This customer approached us because he wanted a panoramic glass-view while in his lift, and felt an all-steel lift would darken the entire room.

    When we finished installation in record time, his reaction? “The room looks even bigger with the lift than without it!”

    Cibes A5000 in private residence in Dongguan
  • Case Study: Office showroom in Vietnam

    A unique lift with two landings installed using an aluminum ramp, and showcasing Cibes’ unique 360 panoramic glass system for house lifts

    Cibes A5000 in office showroom in Vietnam
  • Case Study: Home Lifts Accessible to All

    Our lifts are designed with users in mind. Be it a small child, or our clients’ elderly parents, anybody is able to 100% safely operate our lift. Our safety systems, combined with all easily accessible controls, ensure a perfect ride.

    Easy travel with Cibes platform lift 1
  • Case Study Continued: Home Lifts Accessible to All

    Discover more about the different features that come with our lifts, and how they can be used to ensure a smooth ride for all of our customers, regardless of age and condition!

    Easy travel with Cibes platform lift 2
  • Case Study: Cibes Installations

    Discover our installations from around the world, and how our products can be used to save space in your home!

    Cibes installations
  • Case Study: Cibes A5000 in a Swedish Coffeehouse

    This is a prime example of our Scandinavian design expertise: a 360 degree panoramic glass lift that adds beauty to the entire space.

    Cibes A5000 in a cafe in an office in Sweden
  • Case Study: Private villa in China’s Shenzhen

    As often with private villas, the middle of the staircase is both ideal for saving space and adding a design flourish – especially while choosing our 4-sides glass option.

    Cibes A5000 in private villa in, Shenzhen
  • Case Study: Cibes A5000 in a Swedish School

    Our lifts are designed with accessibility in mind – and that includes children! Regardless of age or height, your children will easily be able to operate a Cibes lift. And thanks to our top-knotch safety features, they will be able to do so in complete safety!

    Cibes A5000 in school in Sweden
  • Case Study: Cibes A5000 for Public Spaces

    A perfect example of customization: we used a half-gate-door on the second landing to increase the feeling of space, and chose the color extremely carefully within our wide range to fit the lift in with its surroundings!

    Cibes A5000 in public building

Case Studies – Cibes Home Lift A5000

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