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There are a number of advantages to choosing a Cibes Home Lift, both technical and aesthetic.

On the technical end, a Cibes home lift can be completely pit-less (accessed with a ramp), or installed level with the floor with as little as a 50mm space.

Comes with a self-supporting shaft: A Cibes homelift comes with a built-in shaft that allows our customers to install their lift anywhere they want, even if no space was planned. Our most popular choice? Right in the middle of the staircase!

Space-saving: We know the importance of saving space within your home, and that’s why our Cibes lifts are optimized to take as little room as possible. Our smallest size have a footprint of less than 1 sqm, with an internal space utilization of up to 75%.

Safety: As a Swedish brand, we fully adhere to the strictest of EU safety standards, and focus on safety through the use of cutting edge technology. We have extensively tested our lifts’ capacity, and discovered that at its weakest point, as tested by the LiftInstituut, our lift could still take over 10 tons of weight. Your lift simply cannot ‘fall down’, and a whole host of safety features are built into the lift, including three emergency stopping systems directly on the platform.

Extreme Customization: We know that each lift should be perfect for our clients, and that is why we offer extreme customization, with over 4 color ranges to choose from, each with 100+ options. Our lifts also come in multiple sizes, and have a wide variety of options to pick, including various sensors, platform equipment and add-ons!

Panoramic 4-side glass lift: our unique guiderail design allows us to offer 4-side glass lifts, ideal for creating a unique, modern and vibrant space within your home!

Silent: Our unique EcoSilent technology enables Cibes to offer its most quiet ride yet, with sound as low as 50 decibels within the shaft, and 45 from without, as tested by the Sweden-based LiftInstituut.

Quick Installation: as our lifts need no surrounding construction work, our installation duration is very short, and usually takes about a week.

Low maintenance cost, low environmental impact and low energy usage: Not only does Cibes boast a low maintenance cost, but our lifts are also supported by the usual 220 V power supply. Moreover, Cibes lifts come equipped with a power saving mode that is automatically launched, bringing power consumption down to the equivalent of a household refrigerator.

For platform lifts, all we require is a pit of 50 mm, and we can install a lift that is completely level with the floor. If no modification can be brought to the existing building, we also offer a solution with an access ramp.
As a Swedish company, we follow the very strictest of European safety standards and conform to the relevant safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. As of such, the speed of our lifts is limited to 1.5 m/s.
We manufacture all our lifts in our factory in Gävle, Sweden. Once a customer has settled on a lift (including size, color and other specifications), their lift enters production, is quality controlled and then delivered by boat. Final delivery time is between 5-6 months, although the process can be shortened under extreme cases.
Our installations usually take about a week, although this duration can slightly vary based on the installation site’s condition and the size of the lift.
We recommend 2 to 4 times a year, although this number is highly dependent on lift utilization.

The price of a lift is highly dependent on its size, number of stops, color, configuration and additional options, which makes it difficult to provide an exact number.

For a quote, please send us a message on our contact page, including as many of your preferences as you can, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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